Your skin needs some TLC. I got you.

My name is Vangie Ogg (pronounced VAN-jee AHG). 

I'm a licensed esthetician here to help you maintain healthy, glowing skin.
My facial studio in downtown Santa Monica is where you’ll spend a blissful hour.
Our goal is to get your skin to a happy place.

I proudly support spa-grade brands with products that are formulated and produced locally,
with a focus on natural ingredients and supported by modern science.
I get super excited if the brand is founded and run by women.

I hope to be your guide to physical and emotional well-being, starting with skin care.
Here are my partners on this mission:

Le Mieux

She has taught me a lot about skincare in general and I feel much more knowledgeable when it comes to taking care of my skin at home.
— Megan D.
Her thoroughness reassured me about the process. Told her what I wanted done, and she walked me through the entire process and answered every question I had. By the end of the session, my face looked so bright and dewy. I’m HOOKED! She followed up with me the next day to see how my skin was doing, which was so nice and added to the personalized customer experience.
— Olivia D.
My skin always leaves feeling clean, clear, hydrated, and revitalized. It is always such a relaxing experience as well! She makes it cozy, comfortable, and even adds in a little massage. An absolute treat!
— Paris M.

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