Learn to love bare skin again, at any age.

Use makeup as a form of self-expression.
Not to cover up what you see as flaws, but to enhance what you already have.

It will happen with good skin care. It’s that simple.

We can take on:
Inflammation, Acne Conditions, Pigmentation, Signs of Aging, Dehydration, Seasonal Skin Changes

Treatments that we can add on:
High Frequency, LED Light Therapy, Gua Sha (firming and lifting facial massage),
Hydrodermabrasion (crystal-free microdermabrasion), Thermal and Cryo Therapy
Advanced Chemical Exfoliation

I use techniques that are inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine, aromatherapy and Ayurveda.
I work with products that are kind to your skin and our environment.

You will leave with deeply cleansed, hydrated skin and
a renewed sense of calm and acceptance of the world around you.