New to facials? Here's what to expect.

Before your appointment, keep your routine normal. I want to see the everyday condition of your skin, which helps me to more accurately analyze your skin. 

Keep a goal in mind. It's also okay to have 2 or 3! Relaxation? Target acne? Improve skin tone? This will help me customize the treatment.

Bring a list of questions you may have about your skin. Even better, bring the products or a list of products you are currently using to help address any concerns.

The experience.

You will fill out a waiver and consultation form when you arrive. This will be the place where you write down your skin concerns, the goal you prepared and any allergies or medications you may be taking. This may be done online when you make your appointment to save us some time.

Before you get onto the treatment table, we will discuss what you wrote on your form and any other questions you have. This is the best time to pull out that list!

Next, I will leave the room and you’ll undress from the waist up into a spa wrap which I will provide.

The facial starts with a cleanse that will remove makeup and any oil or dirt that accumulated. I will then likely look at your skin under a light and/or magnifier so I can see your pores up close. The steps that follow will be customized depending on what I believe will best treat your skin conditions, or based on the type of facial you selected.

Typically, facials will involve multiple cleanses, an exfoliating mask or peel, extractions, a secondary hydrating or cooling mask, a facial massage and the application of a serum, moisturizer and SPF. I will also perform a relaxing hand, arm, neck or shoulder massages as your mask sets. I'm specially trained to massage facial muscles. You will leave relaxed with a deeply cleansed and hydrated skin.

Immediately after your appointment.

In your relaxed state and gloriously clean skin, it is normal to look redder than you did before your appointment because your skin just got a ton of focused attention. Instead of reapplying makeup or adding other products, enjoy the hours after a facial. Soak in the benefits of the special treatment you've just experienced.

I will provide a thorough explanation of what to do in the days after your treatment, and suggest a follow up time frame.